Bernt Erik Pedersen // Kjøtt - Kjøtt NABOK047 (reissue)

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High voltage, electric and delicious!
When 100 Norwegian artists named the 100 best Norwegian records of all time, Kjøtt "Kjøtt" (1981) came fourth. Then this record had not been available for 30 years. In the meantime, Kjøtt had gained legendary status, as the first band of Michael Krohn, and one of the most influential releases in all Norwegian popular music. But who was Kjøtt, and why couldn't they last? The story of this pivotal band has never been told before. This book examines the historical and personal circumstances that together created this unique moment in Norwegian music history.

Norwegian rock started here.

Bernt Erik Pedersen (b. 1969) is a culture journalist in Dagsavisen and has written about music for over 30 years, for Adresseavisen, Rock Furore, Arbeiderbladet/Nye Takter/Dagsavisen and ENO. Kjøtt "Kjøtt" (2011) was his first book. This is a new edition of the book, which, like the record, has long since sold out.

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