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From a fringe, before the internet, from one person, came the album Patashnik (1994) and showed the way out into the world for Norwegian electronic music. Geir Jenssen had dropped his career in Bel Canto, gone home from Brussels, set his sights on the stars, and started making ambient techno under the name Biosphere. Almost 30 years later, Jenssen has reached the highest peaks and has been around the world with his very own electronic tone, as one of the central Norwegian artists of his generation.

Bernt Erik Pedersen (b. 1969) is a culture journalist in Dagsavisen/Nye Takter. In 2011, he wrote the book about Meat in Falck Forlag's series Morgenbladet Top 100 . In 1994 he went to Tromsø for the magazine Rock Furore and made a report on Patashnik , Geir Jenssen and the city's techno environment. Now he is going back to write a book.

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