Beranek - X-Ray - 1983 - 80's - NACD415

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BERANEK - X-RAY (1983)

Beranek made his debut with the single "Dra te hælvete" in 1981. As a musician, Beranek Holm is inspired by artists from the childhood of electronic rock, such as The Residents and Kraftwerk, and uses technology and synthesizers in his music, in addition to guitar and other organic instruments (which he largely treats himself). At the start of his solo career, Beranek was simultaneously part of Ung Pike Forsvunnet (UPF), and the project Spastisk Ekstase (with, among others, Helge Gaarder. He made his album debut with Sound of Danger in 1981, an album that can still be counted among minimalist electronic releases from the 1980s. With the sequel X-Ray (1983), Beranek collected the Spellemann prize. During this time, he toured together with the band Palass 5000, later the Beranek Band, both at home and abroad.

2 I Believe In You 

3 City Lights 

4 Silence In The Night 

5 Crazy Things 

6 Walking In The Dark 

7 Hope I Didn't Call Your Name 

8 A Song Of Kindness 

9 Exit

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