Beranek - Daylight in the dark - 1986 - 80's - NACD251

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Espen Beranek Holm grew up in Frogner in Oslo. His musical career started with the clarinet in boys' music and continued in various basement bands in the 70s, before he debuted as a solo artist. He was inspired by artists from the infancy of electronic rock, such as the Residents and Kraftwerk, and himself used technology and synthesizers in his music, in addition to guitar and other organic instruments (which he largely crafted himself). At the start of his solo career, Beranek was simultaneously part of Ung Pike Forsvunnet (UPF), and the project Spastic Ecstasy (with, among others, Helge Gaarder). Beranek has released a number of solo albums, and on Daylight in the Dark features, among others, Anne Danielsen, Arne J. Berggren and Ingeborg Magerøy (Queen Maud's Land), Bendik Hofseth, Dave Greenfield, Jean J Burnel (Stranglers) and Per Øystein Sørensen

1 Dancing in the wind

2 Play with the fire

3 Shine

4 Man without soul

5 Teardrops

6 A Stream of daylight

7 Paradise

8 True promises

9 Game over

10 Design

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