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Rock band from Oslo, formed in the early 70s by Rolf Aakervik (vocals, guitar). The first line-up consisted of Aakervik, Per Vestaby (bass, harmonica), Ole Henrik Giørtz (drums), Tormod Furuseth (organ, piano) and Kåre Virud (guitar). This edition of Bazar made the LP Det er ikke så enkelt in 1973, produced by Harald Are Lund and released under the group name Rolf Aakervik & Bazar. laten had a clear, politically radical message, with lyrics that bore the stamp of the current struggle against the EEC (with the referendum in the autumn of 1972 fresh in mind) and the US's war in Vietnam. The music was clearly inspired by vibrations from the west, with Kåre Virud's tasteful guitars as a supporting element. Aakervik was responsible for almost all the material - which was of course in Norwegian. Virud and Furuseth said goodbye and were replaced by Bent Patey (guitar, piano, flute, vocals). The job of songwriting was now distributed among several members, and this naturally led to Drabantbyrock (1974) becoming a more varied LP than its predecessor. The legacy of Woodstock was more prominent in the music, while the political focus in the lyrics was directed at social biases in society. Sigurd Allern contributed the text to "Olav Ål" - a satire about a house shark in the capital. Bazar disbanded after two LPs.


1 Drabantbyrock

2 Kjære, Lille Deg

3 Unset

4 Det Siste Stikk

5 Betong, Stål Og Glass

6 Om Du Var En Fisker

7 Du Og Jeg Og Sipo

8 Vi Blir Fler Og Fler

9 Olav Ål

10 Cm Jam

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