Barock - Bare En Blåveis - 1976 – Prog - NACD384

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Progressive rock band from Stavanger. Made his only LP in 1976 with Johnny Sareussen as producer and a crew consisting of Magne Høyland, Anders Bru, Bjørn Aslaksen, Reidar Olsen, Sveinung Sand and Tommi Haukland. The album had all the ingredients that real prog-rock in the 70s should have; long, improvisational solos, multi-thematic compositions, elements of classical and folk, parts with electric violin – even a small drum solo. Bjørn Aslaksen composed most of the music. The texts were both Norwegian and English, some of them taken from such prominent poets as Oscar Wilde and Hans Børli. The band disbanded in 1977. Bru started the Stavanger Ensemble, Høyland later appeared in Asfalt and Wasa Band. The album was released in a small edition on CD in 2016 and goes for staggering sums on the second-hand market.

1 Mr. Music Man

2 My Voice

3 Impressions

4 Bare En Blåveis

5 Gøymde Hendingar

6 Good Morning

7 To You In The Bus

8 Festtelegram

9 So Near/Flight On The Moon

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