Bang 85 - The Further You Go - 1985 – 80s - NACD472

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One Tuesday, in the autumn of 1984, Bent Patey was at Nissa Nyberget's jam at Josefine. A young man on stage sang startlingly well, and the first thing that struck me was that we must bring him into the studio. Keyboardist Brynjulf ​​Blix and Patey were working at the time with a completely new repertoire that was largely based on a soundscape with new electronic instruments such as synths, programmable sequencers and drum machines. The 22-year-old Håkon Iversen appeared to be exactly the singer they were looking for for their project - and that's how it turned out. The 80s were Patey's most productive period, with his first solo album Ocean Front Walk (EMI, 1983), as well as appearing on The Grafitti Project with Håkon Graf (1983), and on Jan Dahlen & The Shotgun Riders Live at Club 7 . All these records have been released on CD in the Norske Albumklassikere series. The new songs he had been working on at home got a completely new sound when Brynjulf ​​programmed drums, bass lines, chords and arpeggio figures. Everything was controlled via MIDI, which was quite new at the time. The sequencer and drum machines were also synchronized with the multi-track tape machine in the studio. In this process, Håkon Iversen, bassist Øivind Madsen and not least drummer Paolo Vinaccia were very involved when it came to arrangements. On the text and vocal side, they were helped by Sidsel Endresen and Terry McCullough. The song was also presented live in the NRK program Zting. The sound was new and special, and the record garnered glowing reviews in the country's biggest newspapers.

1 The Further You Go

2 One More Time

3 Someday

4 Winter Love

5 Last Chance Romance

6 Bang Backing

7 Go Go

8 This Tune Is Called Love

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