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Party band formed in Stokmarknes in 1982 by Kai Kiil (vocals, guitar), Rudi Høynes (drums, vocals), Royer Larsen (bass) and Alf Eriksen (keys, vocals). Høynes and Larsen came from Zoo, while Kiil had a long career in various bands. In 1983, Banana Airlines recorded a new version of Olle Adolphson's "En glad calypso om våren" with which Per Asplin had had great success in 1959. The single became a country nuisance, and the subsequent album På vinginge a top seller. "Yes We have No Bananas" topped the Norsktoppen for three weeks in 1983. The record critics did not share the public's enthusiasm for Banana Airlines, which had to endure a lot of pepper in the press. Particularly hard was Kai Kiil and the singing style he had adopted, where he freely imitated an immigrant's limited speaking skills. Racism, some thought; innocent, thought others. "You've got to put up with a joke," sang Kai Kiil. Roy Stenersen (guitar, vocals) was brought in as a fifth member before the recording of LP number two, På nye eventyr (1984). From here, "Nordmenn er gale" became a new hit.

1 Nordmenn er gale

2 Fly banana

3 Toilltampen (Alternativ festival)

4 Puppa Pera

5 Rudy I Love You

6 Samba polare

7 Duett på fjernsynskjøkkenet

8 Bom-patta-bom (karneval i Norge)

9 Bunadstvang

10 Blo'skvais

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