Backstreet Girls - Let's Have It - 1992 – 90/00/10/20s NACD427

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The Backstreet Girls were formed in 1984. Although the band has changed several members, the tribe is still the same. The name Backstreet Girls plays on the song "Back Street Girl" by The Rolling Stones. The music of Backstreet Girls is boogie rock inspired by AC/DC, Ramones, Rose Tattoo, Hanoi Rocks and Status Quo. Let's Have It is the band's fifth studio album, originally released on Warner Music in 1992. The album was mixed and produced by Michael Ilbert at PUK Studios in Denmark, with Lars Jul as assistant. Further recording was done at Hitcompagniet in Oslo, by Ulf Holand. The album was mastered at Sterling Sound in New York by George Marino. "Any Minute Now" and "Walking" were released as singles. The band now featured a new vocalist, Swedish Olle Hillborg. This was Olle's only studio release with the band. The band also recorded a live album in 1993.


1 Hard Work 
2 Any Minute Now 
3 Desperate Youth
4 Walking
5 Circles
6 Let's Do It Some More
7 Blackbird 
8 Let's Go 
9 Jungle ride
10 Little Melina 
11 Crazy John Gang
12 Mirrors 
13 Outro

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