Baji Jar - The Night Before - 1985 - Punk/new wave - NACD034

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Babij Jar is an Oslo band with i.a. Velvet Underground, The Stooges and French chanson tradition as sources of inspiration. They were closely associated with the new wave environment in the 80s and the band name is taken from a massacre during World War II, in Babij Jar in Ukraine. They started in 1979 by Paul Værlien (vocals) and Carl Ivar Delingsrud (guitar). Værlien had been in an early edition of Hærverk. In an early phase during the search for suitable band members, i.a. Meat drummer Michael Krohn stopped by, but he chose to bet on the aforementioned band. Babij Jar debuted at the Lysthuset in Oslo on Christmas Eve 1979. Their album #2 Stalingrad was crowdfunded in just a week, and now the debut is here The Night Before for trip.

1 How Does It Feel?

2 Bodyguard Of Lies

3 Seven Seven

4 V-Points

5 Odessa

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