Axel Gran - Halvegs Uten Navn (Bill Mrk. Diskresjon) – 70s - 1976 – NACD100

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Gran has lived both in Eastern Norway and in Northern Norway. In 1979, he was one of the people behind the formation of the "Gay movement in Tromsø", he also designed the front page of the first issue of the international newspaper, "Hominor". He has worked as a teacher and ceramicist outside of his short career as an artist. In 1977, Gran was asked to participate in the Norwegian final of Melodi Grand Prix. Here, the plan was that during the actual television broadcast, he would replace the text in the song he performed, "Ikke mitt bord", with a text about the oppression of homosexuals. Just this year, however, NRK decided that the final should not be broadcast live, but recorded. Thus, that plan went down the drain. Before that he released the album Halvegs Uten Navn (Bill Mrk. Diskresjon) which was to become the very first gay record in Norway, where the lyrics were about inner feelings and problems with coming out.

1 Gateuro/Om å være maskert

2 Fredag kveld

3 Fri og fri fru Blom

4 Intermezzo I

5 Ikkje sånn som vi

6 Den Norske Kirke

7 Intermezzo II

8 Jan

9 Grand Prix

10 Intermezzo III

11 Tango

12 Godnattsang til Eilif

13 Nattvise

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