Aunt Mary Live - Reunion - 1981 – Prog – NACD347

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Aunt Mary is a Norwegian rock band from Fredrikstad that started in 1969. The group originally consisted of Bjørn Kristiansen on guitar and vocals, Jan Groth on organ and vocals, Svein Gundersen on bass and vocals, and Ketil Stensvik on drums. Other musicians who visited were Per Ivar Fure on flute, harmonica and saxophone and Bengt Jenssen on keyboard. The band disbanded in 1973, but in 1980 three of Aunt Mary's old members got together and did a reunion concert at the Hawk Club in their hometown of Fredrikstad. It resulted in the live album Live Reunion , which came out the following year.

1 Playthings of the Wind

2 Joinin' the Crowd

3 All We've Got to Do is Dream

4 Wild Turkey

5 I've Got News for You

6 G Flat Road

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