Aunt Mary - Aunt Mary 1970 – Prog – NACD197

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Progressive hard rock band formed in Fredrikstad in the spring of 1969 by Jan Groth (vocals, organ). The band was initially called Progress, and consisted of Groth, Bjørn Christiansen (guitar, vocals), Svein Gundersen (bass, vocals), Per Ivar Fure (flute, harmonica, saxophone) and Ivan Lauritzen (drums). Groth and Fure came from the big band Dr. Henderson's Blues Caravane, which released a single in 1968. Progress became Aunt Mary when the band went to Denmark, where they made their first LP in January 1970 with Johnny Reimar as producer. By that time, Ketil Stensvik had replaced Lauritzen behind the drum set. The album showed a band that had evolved from their original bluesy style into psychedelic rock with references to British artists such as Family (Groth's voice) and Jethro Tull (Fure's flutes).



1 Whispering Farewell

2 Did You Notice?

3 There's A Lot Of Fish In The Sea

4 I Do And I Did

5 47 Steps

6 Rome Wasn't Built In One Day

7 Come In

8 Why Don't You Try Yourself

9 The Ball

10 All My Sympathy For Lily

11 Yes, By Now I've Reached The End

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