Asbjørn "ASA" Krogtoft - Utopia - 1970 – 70s - NACD235

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ASA - UTOPIA (1970)
Asbjørn Krogtoft, singer, composer, guitarist and producer, born 13 August 1948 in Bø in Vesterålen. Asa was one of the most prominent Norwegian artists who debuted in the 60s. Among other things, he is responsible for one of the most popular and recognized compositions in Norwegian pop/rock, "Graveyard Paradise". He was a leading figure in the groups 1-2-6 and Taboo before he joined Narvik Technical School in 1970. After Taboo, he continued his recording career as a solo artist, and had great success with the single "Rekkene" in 1969. His first solo LP Utopia was a concept record about a fantasy character, King Asa, and his experiences after being banished from the earth to the place that is not exists; Utopia. To tie the songs together, he wrote a monologue in eight parts which was read by Odd Grythe. The music was performed in sparse arrangements with the organ as the supporting instrument.


1 Historisk introduksjon

2 Farvel

3 Epistel 1

4 Grå soldater og bleke nonner

5 Epistel 2

6 Klovnen og de vise menn

7 Epistel 3

8 Hvem, hva, hvor

9 Epistel 4

10 Utopias porter

11 Epistel 5

12 Lovisa Annabell

13 Epistel 6

14 I et land

15 Epistel 7

16 Hei lille dikter

17 Epistel 8

18 Skjønnhet

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