Asbjørn "ASA" Krogtoft - Mosaikk - 1971 – 70s- NACD288

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ASA – MOSAIKK (1971)

Asbjørn Krogtoft was a leading figure in the groups 1-2-6 and Taboo before he joined Narvik Technical School in 1970. After Taboo, he continued his recording career as a solo artist, and had great success with the single "Rekkene" in 1969. His first solo LP was called Utopia and his second studio album was called Mosaic. With the exception of "The House of the Rising Sun", all material is self-written and sung in both Norwegian and English. The album was recorded at Arne Bendiksen Studios and released on RCA Victor.


1 Verdensteatret

2 Eva Mari

3 Candlestick Cove

4 Lunch

5 Leiv Eriksons Emigrant Blues

6 Vakre Vera

7 Bobby, You're Not Allowed To Die

8 The House Of The Rising Sun

9 Mosaikk

10 Let Me In - Put Me On

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