Asbjørn "ASA" Krogtoft - Mosaikk – 1971 – 70s – NACD288

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Popgruppa Asbjørn was a pop and dance group consisting of Trond Halle and Hans Løkken. They were old schoolmates from junior high school at Harpefoss from the mid-1960s, and had kept in touch in the following years. Løkken had started writing his own songs, and he encouraged Halle to write lyrics in dialect as well. Halle had moved home to Harpefoss after a few years in Oslo, and was in the process of re-establishing the band Baksia. Hans Løkken had moved from Oslo to Ringebu and played in the Villmannslaget. He had put his time with Vømmøl Spellmannslag behind him, and Arbeidslaget hated K. Vømmølbakken had not become the success they hoped for after Vømmøl Spellmannslag was disbanded. In the winter of 1977/1978, Løkken suggested that he and Halle should start a duo. They were given a number of assignments on the radio, once broadcast live from the railway station at Otta. There were few gigs apart from the radio play, but when Baksia and Villmannslaget shared the stage sometimes, it often resulted in Løkken and Halle playing some Asbjørn songs together as well. Popgruppa Asbjørn performed, among other things, in "Musikalsk Gjestebud" on NRK. Not long after the performance on NRK was broadcast, the band was offered a record contract by Gunnar Hordvik at Arctic Records, which previously had names such as Åge Aleksandersen, Terje Tysland and Hans Rotmo in the stable. The record "Dølalåt" was released before Christmas in 1979, and sold several thousand copies. Popgruppa Asbjørn appeared on the Norsktoppen during the winter, and the duo received good reviews. Especially in Trøndelag and Gudbrandsdalen it sold well.

1 Popgruppa Asbjørn– E Kjem Så Vel I Haug De 

2 Popgruppa Asbjørn– Shang Hai Oh Hoi

3 Popgruppa Asbjørn– Bakom Solnedgangen

4 Popgruppa Asbjørn– Folkets Hus På Harpefoss

5 Baksi'a– Slepp Deg Laus 

6 Villmanslaget– Spellmæinn

7 Popgruppa Asbjørn– Kom Så Tek Oss Ein Dans

8 Popgruppa Asbjørn– Siste Feste I Nordliebakka

9 Baksi'a– Le Meg Snart Få Sjp Deg Att

10 Popgruppa Asbjørn– Ut På Ski

11 Popgruppa Asbjørn– Kjørt 30 Mil

12 Popgruppa Asbjørn– Fest På Lokalet

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