Asbjørn "ASA" Krogtoft - Brocade 1975 - 70s - NACD081

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ASA - BROCADE (1975)
Asbjørn Krogtoft was a leading figure in the groups 1-2-6 and Taboo before he joined Narvik Technical School in 1970. After Taboo, he continued his recording career as a solo artist, and had great success with the single "Rekkene" in 1969. His first solo LP Utopia was a concept record about a fictional character, King Asa, and his experiences after being banished from Earth to the place that does not exist; Utopia. In 1975 came the solo record Brocade. This showed a more involved artist, with lyrics that bore the mark of Asa's interest in surrealism. The producer was Ola Johansen, while Pete Knutsen was the backbone of the backing band. The album has never been on CD before.

1 Evy

2 The Old house

3 19 menn, De /eller/ 19 menn

4 Hold on driver

5 Huldra

6 Fordervelsen

7 Louisa

8 God-dag mann kosteskaft ting

9 If you wanna live long

10 Strossa

11 Morning sun

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