Arne Falck, Brett Borgen, Webster Lewis - Menneskedøgn - 1972 - Jazz - NACD525

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ARNE FALCK, BRETT BORGEN, WEBSTER LEWIS – MENNESKEDØGN (1972)Brett Borgen was a Norwegian writer, and the daughter of Johan Borgen. She was married to the writer Arne Falck. The two were seen as cultural life's Bonnie & Clyde, and became known for going at the throat of camaraderie in Norwegian cultural life. In 1972 they released a spoken word record, based on Arne Falck's lyrics, with Webster Lewis himself on comp. The album was recorded live at Club 7, and contains a really tough Webster organ, groovy jazz soul with brass. For the occasion, he called himself Webster Lewis and the Post-Pop Space-Rock Be-Bop Gospel Tabernacle Orchestra and Chorus BABY!. The record goes for staggering sums spent.

1 Menneskedøgn

2 Goddag Angst

3 Solen

4 Hyggekveld

5 Hr. Professor

6 Barn

7 Kjærlighet

8 Den Ene Mot De Mange

9 Det Er Ikke Så Meget...

10 Når Bomben Faller

11 Rundskriv

12 Intermezzo

13 Regn

14 Brev

15 Byråkrati

16 Ikke Gikk Jeg...

17 Månehånd

18 Kveld

19 Begynnelse

20 Uten Ord

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