Arbeidslaget – Grovarbeid – 1976 – 70s – NACD064

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Folk rock group started in 1975 by Hans Rotmo (vocals, mandolin) and Hans Løkken (bass) from Vømmøl Spellmannslag. The other members were Bjørn Elvestad (guitar, fiddle), Ivar Elvestad (guitar, accordion) and Frank B. Olsen (drums). The labor team has Konrad Vømmølbakken continued the politically radical thread that the Vømmøl gang had unraveled, but with greater emphasis on class struggle and solidarity. As stated in the first press release: "Vømmøl laid out the problem, the Working Group laid out the solution". If one were to judge by the content of the group's two records, the solution lay in working for a socialist society where all power and music was left to the people. The working group set out their musical course with a basis in Norwegian musical traditions, but the use of drums and electric guitars made the band considerably rockier than Vømmøl. It didn't sound that different from the British group Lindisfarne. The first LP was called Grovarbeid . The work team was disbanded in 1977, and Rotmo continued with the Homeland Security Team. Olsen later appeared in Veslefrikk, while Bjørn Elvestad became a member of Ole Ivars in 1996.


1 Skiftarbeider

2 Det var den tida da augan var blå

3 Småfolk

4 Mekaelsen

5 Grosserer Pettersen-Smith

6 Velge du ein klasse å kjemp for?

7 Vømmøldal O Vømmøldal 

8 Ingemar Oppstuens Kampsang

9 Han vandre i ring

10 Skattetoget 

11 Feskarvise

12 Steinbruddet

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