Anne Marie Giørtz - Breaking out - 1983 - Jazz - NACD513

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ANNE-MARIE GIØRTZ – BREAKING OUT (1983) Anne-Marie Giørtz is a Norwegian vocalist, orchestra leader and singing teacher in jazz and has a number of recordings with various bands. Giørtz is the daughter of Fridtjov Sæverud Giørtz, whose mother was the older sister of the composer Harald Sæverud. She studied piano and saxophone playing at the University of Oslo (1976–80). In Oslo's jazz milieu, she played in EIM (1980–82) before establishing her own Anne-Marie Giørtz Kvintett (1982–86), together with, among others, her brother Ole Henrik Giørtz. The band was continued in her Ab und Zu. Other partners include Radiostorbandet and Danmarks Radiostorband. On her solo debut album Breaking Out , she had Olaf Kamfjord, Audun Kleive, Ole Henrik Giørtz and Vidar Johansen with her.

1 Philosophy

2 Syeeda's Songflute

3 A Clean and Nice Place

4 Feelings of Love

5 How Heavy the Days

6 Some About Anette

7 Tilbake

8 Is It Forever

9 Questions

10 When Love Has Gone

11 Breaking Out

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