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ANNE-KARINE STRØM – ALBUM (1978) Bølerjenta was eleven years old when in 1963 she won a singing competition at the youth restaurant Rondo, which led to a TV appearance, record recording and folk park show in Sweden. The single "Fotballgressenka"/"Lille Marlene" was released on the record label Manu. In her teens, Anne Karine sang in the group Beefeaters, and when they disbanded, she continued with Finn Eriksen's Orchestra (Finn Eriksen). In the 70s she was an avid Grand Prix participant, twice she performed as a solo artist, and won in 1974 with "Hvor er du?" and in 1976 with the song "Mata Hari" (Frode Thingnæs/Philip Kruse), in the Norwegian final which will forever be remembered for the costumes. She posed in silver harem pants, and in the same competition Jahn Teigen performed "Voodoo" - in a skeleton costume! Strøm also won in 1973 as a member of the group Bendik Singers with "Oh, for a game". This vocal group was put together by the ubiquitous Arne Bendiksen, and in addition to Strøm, it consisted of Ellen Nikolaysen, Anne Lise Gjøstøl and the Kruse brothers. The three girls had joined Hartvig Nissen's music line in Oslo and they worked together a lot, both in TV and radio contexts and in the recording studio. Towards the end of the 70s, she started performing in musical cabarets with Øystein Sunde and her then-husband Ole Paus. In addition to the many single records, Strøm released several long-players, including Album (1978), which was released on Paus' own Zarepta label. Here she had undergone a change of style towards a more serious form of pop music. Ole Paus wrote or translated all of the songs on the album.

1 Sett deg ned2 En pillråtten type3 Miluna4 Slik du engang er5 En ganske vanlig jente6 Ny vår7 Jeg traff Jesus (før han ble popidol)8 For et trivelig sted9 Jeg stikker av10 Etter så mange år11 Nede på jorden et sted

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