Anne Grete Preus - Snart 17 - 1984 - Film music - NACD524

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ANNE GRETE PREUS – SNART 17 (SOUNDTRACK) (1984)Snart 17 is a Norwegian drama film from 1984 with Gerd Brotnow in the lead role as the overweight teenage girl Marianne, directed by Laila Mikkelsen. Anne Grete Preus wrote a good deal of film music in her time, Hotel St. Pauli , At dere tør , Svarte Fugler - i.e. this hidden gem - Snart 17. With her on the record she had Per Vestaby, Jørn Christensen and Per Hansen - all from Can Can, and in addition Sigurd Køhn, Sidsel Endresen and Nina Askeland were guests. Anne Grete wrote all the songs on this album, which was her solo debut record.

1 Sultne hjerter

2 Dancing With Me

3 Don't Hide

4 Mariannes Tema

5 Running Away

6 On My Way

7 Black Lightbulbs

8 Natt-Tema

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