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Anita was discovered by Fredrik Friis during a Christmas show on the market square in Sandefjord in 1968 when she was only seven and a half years old. In Sandefjords Blad it was in the newspaper the next day; "A star was born on the square yesterday". And she became a star. In 1971, Anita Hegerland became the first Norwegian artist to appear on Germany's biggest TV show, Starparade. A few years later, Hegerland was introduced to Mike Oldfield during one of his concerts, and he wanted her as a vocalist on the specially composed "Pictures in the Dark", which became a big hit. 1980-1985 saw her "pop trilogy". The country pop album Anita Hegerland was recorded in London with British musicians and Graham Sacher as producer. Anita Hegerland is one of the best-selling artists in Norwegian history.

1 It's Too Late

2 Ships In The Night

3 Love Breakdown

4 Sailing Away

5 Heart, Body And Soul

6 Too Much Champagne

7 Go Now

8 Too Many Nights

9 The Banjo Boys

10 A Two Way Thing

11 Sweet Monday

12 Mucho Mucho    

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