Anita Hegerland - All the Way - 1983 - 80's - NACD071

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Anita was discovered by Fredrik Friis during a Christmas show on the market square in Sandefjord in 1968 when she was only seven and a half years old. In Sandefjords Blad it was in the newspaper the next day; "A star was born on the square yesterday". And she became a star. In 1971, Anita Hegerland became the first Norwegian artist to appear on Germany's biggest TV show, Starparade. A few years later, Hegerland was introduced to Mike Oldfield during one of his concerts, and he wanted her as a vocalist on the specially composed "Pictures in the Dark", which became a big hit. 1980-1985 saw her "pop trilogy". The album Anita Hegerland was recorded in London with British musicians, while the next disc, All The Way (1983), was a more modern production with pop songs provided by, among others, Torstein Bieler, Philip A. Kruse, Rolf Løvland, Svein Dag Hauge and George Keller. The latter three also arranged the songs. The record also contained a duet with Björn Skifs, and was recorded in Sweden with Georg Keller as producer and with Per Linvall, Peter Ljung and Svein Dag Hauge among the instrumentalists.

1 Your Love, My Goodbye

2 I'm sorry

3 Hey

4 Hold Me

5 What's A Matter Baby

6 Go Home

7 All The Way w/ Bjorn Skifs
8 Nobody

9 Lovin' Arms

10 What About Me

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