Angor Wat - Angor Wat – 1984 – KZ - NACD530

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ANGOR WAT - ANGOR WAT (1984) Angor Wat was started in 1981 and went for the first six months under the name Dimensjon S. The line-up was Erik Ingebrigtsen (vocals), Asbjørn Tiller (guitar), Håvard Houen (bass) and Jens-Petter Wiig (drums). Tiller was the only one with previous band experience as assistant bass guitarist in Wannskrækk. The band then also did their debut concert together with Wannskrækk, who at the time were Trondheim's biggest punk band. In 1983 Viggo Mastad also joined on guitar and the following year the band released a split cassette with the Molde band Bannlyst which was then licensed and released in several countries. In 1985 Erik Ingebrigtsen left the band and Håvard Houen took over the vocals while Asbjørn Tiller went back to bass. This line-up released the LP General Strike on the English company Children Of The Revolution Records and toured in Denmark and England in addition to Norway. After this both Tiller and Houen left the band to start their own Transsiberian Hijackers. Wiig and Mastad made some recordings on their own, including for the compilation albums Party Terror Volume 1 and Chernobyly Boogie. Since then, Guttorm Nordø (guitar), Olav Hagen (bass) and Baard Noodt (vocals) were engaged as new members. This crew made some recordings in 1987 which can be found on the Rest In Pieces cassette. A title that also suggested that the end was near. Angor Wat was disbanded in 1988, but was resurrected as Israel later that year. This release was originally released as a split cassette with Bannlyst, but is here released with only Angor Wat's part.

1 Straff

2 Ikke Alene

3 Svikt

4 Kæm Lagd Loven?

5 10000 Daga

6 Trance

7 Gud Og Staten

8 Over Lik

9 Metalljungel

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