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Frelst 1991 is Jokke og Valentinerne's fourth and best-selling album. In the author's opinion, it is also Valentine's masterpiece, and one of the very best Norwegian rock albums from this golden age, sizzling with rock, pop, gospel, reggae, indie and shows. Loud and vulnerable, confident and doubtful, self-experienced and dreamy, with immortal classics such as «Aftenbønn», «Tempo» and «Her kommer vinteren». The record received the Spellemann Prize in the category for rock during an unforgettable presentation in 1992.


Anders Giæver (born 1961) is a journalist in VG. He started as a music journalist in Nye Takter in the mid-eighties and wrote a lot about Jokke and the Valentines from the first album "Alt kan repareres" in 1986 up to and including the fourth album Frelst in . As a student at Forsøksgymnaset in Oslo in the late 1970s, he knew Joachim, May-Irene and many of those in the environment around them who in various ways contributed to the band and the universe the Valentines created.

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