Amtmandens Døtre - Reis Kjerringa! - 1975 – 70s – NACD273

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1975 was the International Women's Year. This year LPs also came with the girl groups Kjerringrokk and Amtmandens Døtre, who helped put the women's fight on the map. At the beginning of the 70s, a politically radical wind blew across Norway. It also left its mark on popular music, among other things in the form of the creation of the record company Samspill, which later became Mai. In addition, there was a great upsurge of interest in vieser, where in 1972-73 alone there must have been several hundred vieser environments around Norway. The environment around the AKP (ml) also received a lot of attention, at the same time that it fueled EC strife across the country. The opposition to the Vietnam War still engaged many people, and the environmental movement also began to gain a foothold. Another important campaign arena was about women's rights. The feminist Kvinnefronten was founded in December 1972. Two years later, the Amtmandens Døtre was started during the annual meeting of the Kvinnefronten at Dovrehallen in Oslo. They consisted of seven girls aged 19 to 26, who in 1975 came up with the album Reis Kjerringa!: Bente Geving (mandolin, percussion, vocals), Hege Rimestad (fiddle, guitar, vocals), Kjersti Martinsen (ukulele, banjo, guitar, harmonica, percussion, vocals), Mette Grindstad (flute, percussion, vocals), Nina Badendyck (guitar, flute, piano, trumpet, harmonica, congas, vocals), Ruth Eckhoff (piano, vocals, harp, congas) and Tina Austad (bass, vocals). This was Mai's ninth album.


1 Mannen og kona

2 Kvinnefrontsangen

3 Kjærleikssong til ei kvinne på 50 år 

4 Synonymordboka

5 Rett til arbeid

6 Smedevise anno 1974

7 Anna fra Kløfta

8 Litt dum og kanskje sart

9 Visa om Britt

10 Livs vise

11 Sterke røde hender /eller/ ** Tro

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