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ALLISON- OK! OK! (1979)

Rock band from Askøy outside Bergen, formed in 1974 by Johnny Veland (guitar, vocals). The first line-up included Jann Per Karlsen (bass, vocals), Bjørn Andreassen (guitar, vocals) and Magnar Torstad (drums). The following year, Rolf Erik Veland returned from Denmark, where he had sung with the Norwegian band FG, who also released a single. Rolf saw the potential in little brother Johnny's band, and with the experienced vocalist at the front, Allison became very popular. The band opted for catchy rock with both Norwegian and English lyrics, multi-part singing à la Hollies, and a complete image with black leather clothes. Allison got a recording contract with Arne Bendiksen AS around the same time that Jahn Teigen hired them to back him on his Teigen's Tivoli tour in 1977. During the preparations for the Teigen tour, Magnar Torstad was replaced by Rolf Wingsternes. By then the LP Allison had already been recorded, and that is the reason why Torstad is listed as the drummer, while Wingsternes is depicted on the album cover. Allison was one of the first Norwegian bands to start their own record label. It happened in 1978. In the same year, Andreassen took a break from the band. In his place came guitarist Geir Almestad, who managed to take part in the LP OK! OK!, recorded in Copenhagen in 1979, before Andreassen returned.

1 Ok! Ok!

2 Hvem kan gi meg et svar?

3 Drømmeland

4 Goodbye to the past

5 Kjære gamle måne

6 Frankenstein Gollard's rock'n roll band

7 Regning er regninger

8 Tonight is the night

9 Close together

10 Discotek revolution

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