Alex - Daddy's Child - 1980s - 80s - NACD204

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Alexandra Naumik was born in Lithuania to Polish parents, but grew up in Siberia, where the family had been deported during the Stalin regime. After six years they returned in 1957 to Poland. As a teenager, she won a number of national awards before love led her to Norway in 1970. In 1977, she made her debut in Norway. Sandøy signed both Norwegian and international contracts.

Daddy's Child was her fourth album in a row, and is a classic soul album, with cover versions of e.g. Leon Ware, Minnie Riperton, Bill Withers and Denice Williams.

1 I'm Not Alone

2 Inside My Love

3 Let Me Be The Beat

4 We Got Love

5 Daddy's Child

6 Universe

7 Are You Really So Bad

8 Ain't No Sunshine

9 Sound In Me

10 Touch Me Again

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