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ALEX - ALEX (1977)
Alexandra Naumik was born in Lithuania to Polish parents, but grew up in Siberia, where the family had been deported during the Stalin regime. After six years they returned in 1957 to Poland. As a teenager, she won a number of national awards before love led her to Norway in 1970. In 1977, she made her debut in Norway. Sandøy signed both Norwegian and international contracts. For Alex , she won the 1977 Spellemannprisen in the pop class, and the band consisted of Bjørn Christiansen, Svein Gundersen (both formerly in the band Aunt Mary), Brynjulf ​​Blix and Per Ivar Johansen.

1 Flying High (You & I)

2 Somebody's Song

3 Love Is for the Birds

4 Baby in Need to Love You

5 Heartbreak Queen

6 Love Is the Victim

7 Losing Hand

8 Give Love a Chance

9 Street Walkin' Woman

10 Lock All the Gates

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