Alarm - Feil Finger – 1981 – 80s – NACD331

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Alarm was formed in 1980 and got a contract with EMI-Norge. The band consisted of Arve Jaklin (vocals), Jon Johannessen (guitar), Viggo Sandberg (bass), Paul Smith (drums) and Tomm Øvre (keyboards). The single "Feil finger" became a big hit after their performance on NRK's ​​Zikk-Zakk, and their only album was released in 1981, before the band split the following year. They made a small comeback in 2000 before they again went their separate ways.

1 Feil finger

2 Gal vei

3 Gå min vei

4 Klassens idiot

5 Min hemmelighet

6 Jeg har det bra

7 Samme

8 Må man alltid være størst

9 K-k-k-kan'ke jeg?

10 Jeg vil bli berømt

11 Delerium tremens

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