Akasha - Akasha - 1977 – Prog – NACD248

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Akasha from Kjøllefjord only managed to release one album, but it is in return one of the country's most fabled prog albums. Their self-titled album was released on little Bat Records and the band consisted of Arild Andreassen, Jens Ivar Andreassen, Kjell Evensen, Sverre Svendsen and Fezza Ellingsen. The latter has also played in Høst, Løvetann and St. Helena. The band played dark and murky prog rock and made extensive use of the mellotron, and was often compared to space rock bands such as Hakwind.


1 Isle Of Kawi 

2 Bondage 

3 Recitativ 

4 Electronic Nightmare 

5 Death Hymn 

6 Light And Darkness 

7 The Trip 

8 Man And The Void

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