Adrian Cox - Fra Prins Adrians Reise/Postludier - 1986 – K-Z – NACD444

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Askild Hagen from Hamar established the small, independent company Kulturinstitutjonen PIIVV in the 80s, which released a number of cassettes and records in the 1980s and 1990s. Hagen has also played in several bands, such as Mormor & De 8000 Ungene, EL (which made a comeback as EL/NeUe in 2020), Trio Zuter & PO Latvia. Adrian Cox's only LP (Flukt og Forvandling) came on Piiv, and like his cassette releases it consisted of ambient performances of his own and others' lyrics (Jan Erik Vold was a review poet on several of Cox's releases). Fra Prins Adrians Reise og Postludier was his debut cassette released in 1986. Electronic dreamy experimental synth-pop of the highest class.

A: Fra Prins Adrians Reise & Postludier

1 Aegina Vol. 1 (Versjon 2)

2 Paris (Fantasia)

3 Med Hjerterdam På Reise Øst

4 På Bryggekanten Til Stillehavet

5 Lyset Over Tokyo Tidlig I Desember

6 Aegina Vol. 2; Til Cleo (Versjon 2)

B: Postludier 

7 Postludium Nr. 2

8 Postludium Nr. 3 

9 Postludium Nr. 5

10 Postludium Nr. 6

11 Postludium Nr. 7

12 Postludium Nr. 8

13 Ødeland (bonus-spor fra Fra Prins Adrians Reise & Postludier, 2. opplag)

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