A Technicolor Dream - Thru The Rhythm – 1984 – KZ – NACD207

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Rock band from Oslo, formed in 1982. A Technicolor Dream released a split LP with Burnt Sienna in 1983, and formed the vanguard of a number of fine capital bands that found much of their inspiration in 60s rock and psychedelia. In 1986, the band also released the single "Beauty Is Truth", and also the cassette Through The Rhythm at Trygve Mathiesen's (LiK) Likvider company. A Technicolor Dream probably still had its greatest rock historical significance in that three of the members - Ketil Sveen (keyboards, trumpet), Dag Krogsvold (guitar, vocals) and Per Thomas Lund (bass) - helped start and run what is perhaps the most important of the independent Norwegian record companies in the 80s and 90s: Voices of Wonder, which gave a home to solid bands such as Sister Rain, Dog Age, The Popcorn Explosion, Spacelings and Lost At Sea, and later also signed Motorpsycho , Red Harvest, Hedge Hog and The 3rd And The Mortal. Among other members who visited A Technicolor Dream, we find the drummers Pål "Krisa" Kristensen (later Backstreet Girls) and Steinar Buholm (Sister Rain, The Tables).

1 The Beyond Within

2 Sandra's Hair

3 Winterland

4 You're Gonna Miss Me

5 (Driftin Into) A Place Called Space

6 Closing Walls Of Karma

7 With You

8 The Great Arcade

9 Glorious Indulgence

10 Longing For Summer Days

11 The Next Morning

12 Morning Glory

13 At The Stake

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