A Place To Pray - Thelema – 1985 – KZ - NACD466

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The protagonist Olav Hagen (Angor Wat) wrote and played everything, while Sternklang/Wibutee and electronica pioneer Rune Brøndbo joined on vocals. They move in the direction of experimental alternative classical and darkwave. The cassette has later been released in the USA, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. Hagen has a training in mysticism at the University of Oslo and the record has references to cult leader Aleister Crowley, and contains samples of, among other things, People's Temple leader Jim Jones. A pitch-dark, beautiful and scary release, which has inspired a number of black metallers through and through. The press release stated in 1985: "...at the intersection between metallic noise and Gregorian chants. Let A Place To Pray be the music that accompanies your ritual offerings and let your soul grow with this aesthetic ethnically inspired tribute to a power greater than yourself.”

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