A Place To Pray - Disciplina Arcana - 1988 – KZ – NACD538

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The protagonist Olav Hagen (Angor Wat) wrote and played everything, while Sternklang/Wibutee and electronica pioneer Rune Brøndbo joined on vocals. They move in the direction of experimental alternative classical and darkwave. In 1985 they released the album Thelema which contained two tracks of over 20 minutes each. The two long cuts are untitled , while Hagen chose to use more conventional titles on the follow- up Disciplina Arcana from 1988. It was also released on Knallsyndicat, again this time with Rune Brøndbo on vocals on part of the tracks.

1 BeraShith 

2 Litigium 

3 A Rebours 

4 Rosa Mundi 

5 Beast Of Babalon 

6 The Winds Of Death 

7 The Golden Dawn 

8 Cross Of Blood, Cross Of Fire 

9 The Death Of Black Flowers 

10 Rosa Inferno 

11 Lolal (Mystic Maiden Of Mine)   

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