3 Busserulls - Mytteri - 1979 – 70s - NACD409

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3 Busserulls, also known as Busserulls, is a group of entertainment and recording artists from Karmøy in Rogaland. The trio performed together for the first time on Boxing Day 1962 during a Christmas show for Åkra Sports Club at Åkrehamn, Karmøy. They took their name from the song Tresko og busserull. Karl Magnus Sjøen (1944–2002) entered the stage and sang Chat Noir songs together with Oddvar Andreassen and Sverre Jensen (1944–1968). Sverre Jensen died in a traffic accident in 1968, and the other two members of the group put the business on hold until 1975, when Sjøen and Andreassen started Busserulls again together with Lasse Pedersen. Pedersen left the group in 1977, and Gunnar Andersen became a new member. The group then moved on to more stage shows with lots of costume changes. In 1985, Oddvar Andreassen left, and Reidar Brendeland took his place. Brendeland was involved for two years before he went back to his former group, Vestlandsfanden. Mytteri was their 3rd album and came out in 1978.


1 Mytteri-Myttera

2 Reke-Hans

3 Dei saliges kvarter

4 Alt e kultur

5 Dei seie me e løgne

6 Aldri på ein søndag

7 Pakketur til Spanien

8 Kalle Malink

9 Eg og Johannes

10 Slepp oss te'

11 Sjømannsvals

12 Sjallabais

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