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1-2-6 – CURTAINS FALLING (1967)
Rock band that started in Bodø in 1964 under the name The Blue Flames. Originally an instrumental group with Asbjørn Krogtoft (guitar), Gunvar Marken (guitar), Oddvar Hansen (bass) and Hans Erik Steffensen (drums). The latter was soon replaced by Roger Saksenvik, and inspired by the Beatles, they began to sing. The group was briefly called The Fighters, before in 1965 they changed their name to 126. - with a period, so that it should be pronounced «hundre-og-seks-og-tyvende». It was the group's followers who started pronouncing the name with the English variant "one-two-six", which the band didn't mind at all. 1-2-6 signed up for a talent competition in connection with the Polar Circle Festival in Mo in 1966. They won this, and the prize was a trial recording for the record company RCA Victor. This resulted in the group's first single "Veto" / "Little You", which became a minor hit in Bodø in the winter of 1966/67.

Half a year later, they released their second single: "Graveyard Paradise". "Graveyard Paradise" hit like a bomb in August 1967. It caused justifiable attention that a young Norwegian - 20-year-old Asa - could write such a reflective song, and that too in well-formulated English.

The Curtains Falling LP was finally released in early 1968, after 1-2-6 disbanded.


1 Mirror For Sale

2 That's Why I'm Here

3 Today

4 I Don't Want Love

5 M.E.S. (Mailbox Execution System)

6 Curtains Falling

7 Elisabeth

8 Sing And Smile

9 Graveyard Paradise

10 Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed

11 We're Too Young

12 The Rowboat Captain

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